Ski & Toboggan Training


Although it is not necessary to be at Cataloochee every weekend, make as many of the training days as you can, everyone benefits. Before a Candidate or Auxiliary can take the S&T evaluation they must be approved by the Instructor team.

Please understand that the training is crowd and weather condition based. Changes may occur.

The S&T evaluations will be done at the beginning of February and March. (weather has pre-empted the January evaluation)

If you are concerned about your standing as far as being included in the evaluation please see Ric Lavallee to discuss.

Evaluations cover skiing ability and toboggan handling skills.

Candidates & Auxiliaries must be able to demonstrate proficiency in Turns (small, medium & long radius), Side slipping, Stopping and Free skiing. Riders must be able to demonstrate centered balance and speed control.

If you have not attained Basic Patroller status please ensure you sign in at the bottom section under Candidate/Auxiliary. The reason for this is that in order to occupy one of the time slots at the top you need to have passed your OEC & S&T in order to run a sled. Do not sign up for top or patrol room duty during the Saturday or Sunday training time slots. It is important that we get in as much training on the S&T so we can get you through the evaluation.

Each Candidate/Auxiliary should partner up with an experienced patroller when not in training and do some top and patrol room duties. However to not forfeit your training for this, we will ensure you get trained in both those areas. The team leaders will ensure that the candidates/Auxiliaries are assigned a mentor for the day.

New this season is the ON-HILL OEC enhancement series. This training is intended to hone our in-class OEC skills and apply them to actual on-hill scenarios. We have new multi-channel radios with dedicated training channels so we are able to simulate actual calls. The enhancement series is broken into segments with the last weekend bringing it all together. The scenarios are treated as real with Candidates/Auxiliary (and higher classification) Patrollers following through from initial call to detailed assessments in the patrol room (last series) So far the training has been very beneficial to those who have attended.



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An Old Training Video from the National Ski Patrol: