Senior Program

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Senior Program

Upcoming Events for the 2010 - 2011 Season:


Requirements for Senior Certification:
Standing as Basic Patroller (or Auxiliary Patroller for Senior Auxiliary)
Senior Emergency Management (OEC)
Senior S&T (or First Aid Room Module for Auxiliary)

3 Electives from the following:
    *Patroller Enhancement Seminar (PES)
    *Mountain Travel and Rescue (MTR) (Fundamentals or Level I / Level II)
    *Instructor Development
    *Status as an Instructor
    *NSP Instructor Trainer Appointment
    *PSIA Certified Level II
    *PSIA Certified Level III
    *BLS CPR Instructor or Instructor Trainer Certification
    *AED Instructor Course
    *Avalanche (Fundamentals or Level I / Level II)
    *National Avalanche School didactic sessions
    *National Avalanche School field session
    *Skiing Enhancement Seminar (SES)
    *Ski Trainer's Workshop
    *Toboggan Enhancement Seminar (TES)
    *Mountain and Avalanche Awareness course
    *OEC Enhancement Seminar (two modules equal one Senior Elective)

Bob Brewster
Senior Coordinator Dixie Region
828 423-3410